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Friday, November 19, 2010

'Tis the Season for Giving

I am filled with the spirit of the holiday season today. Mary Ann and I loaded our first group of coats, fleece, and blankets in the trunk and front seat of her Jetta and she took them to the Raleigh Rescue Mission today.

Not only were we running out of room in our office, with donations filling the drop off box and conference room table, but the Raleigh Rescue Mission said they needed coats and blankets now. So Mary Ann jumped to help. Today she delivered vitalink's first donation of 11 blankets, 5 coats, and 6 fleece/hoodies. She also took the donation from Catalyst Group. Catalyst did an amazing job, donating 13 brand new winter coats, each had a hat and pair of gloves attached. Go Catalyst! Our first delivery of coats and blankets filled a big bin at the Raleigh Rescue Mission!

This is just the start of our coats and blankets drive, vitalink and our partners will be collecting until November 29th, so you still have time to help. I look forward to seeing what the rest of our partners have collected and to bringing more from coats and blankets from vitalink.

A special thanks to Mary Ann for seeing the need and coming up with the idea to do the Coats & Blankets drive, to Mike for developing the logo that conveys the heart behind the program (and for collecting coats & blankets from his church and closet and donating them in his hometown of Huntington, WV), to Kathy for writing all of our content and press releases (and for donations in her hometown of Charlotte, NC and Raleigh, NC), and to our partners who are helping raise more.

The people in the Triangle have warm hearts that will help warm the homeless this year. If this story warmed your heart, let us know by commenting below or sharing this (click on share buttons below for Facebook, Twitter, etc).

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