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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TV Viewing Habits are Changing

While overall TV Households have decreased (for the first time in years), the Hispanic, African American and Asian TV Households have all shown growth. Check out the latest numbers from Nielsen:

A comparison of the Advance/Preliminary 2012 National Universe Estimates with 2011 National Universe Estimates for Total TV Households, Black or African American U.S. TV Households, Hispanic or Latino U.S TV Households and Asian American U.S. TV households is provided below:

Total U.S. TV Households
• The advance Total TV HH estimate decreased to 114,700 (000) from 115,900 (000).
• Persons 2+ in U.S. TV HHs declined 1.8% to 289,290 (000) from 294,650 (000).
• Overall, we are seeing the aging of the U.S. population, with Baby Boomers “aging out” of some traditional buying demographics and fewer Gen-Xers to replace them.

Hispanic U.S. TV Households
• Hispanic TV HH experienced an increase of 5.2%.
• Growth remains strong at 3.9% for Persons 2+ in Hispanic TV HHs. Strongest increases were demonstrated for older categories where Age 55+ increased by 11.1%.

Black or African American U.S. TV Households
• Black or African American TV HHs experienced an increase to 14,230 (000).
• Persons 2+ in Black or African American TV HHs remained relatively stable, increasing to 37,613 (000) from 37,596 (000). The largest population gains were in 18-34 and 55+ showing increases of 3.8% and 2.8%, respectively.

Asian U.S. TV Households
• Asian TV HH growth saw the largest increase of 9.8%.
• Persons 2+ in Asian TV HHs showed 9.0% growth from the official 2011 Estimates. Gains were predominately in the younger categories, where 2-11 increased by 10.8% and 18-34 increased by 16.2%. While Asian populations outpaced Hispanic populations in terms of total population growth, this should not be interpreted as a single year change in U.S. populations as adjustments due to the integration of the 2010 Census data contributed heavily to the increases in the Asian UEs.

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