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Monday, November 14, 2011

Mission MidTown Postscript

From Guest Blogger Doug Austin of WKIX AM-FM after the Raleigh Rescue Mission Radiothon on November 10, 2011.

I don't know why I woke up at 2 in the morning and had to send you this email....but I know I did.

I don't know if my feet have ever hurt this bad after standing for 16 hours on concrete...but I smile when I think about why they do.

I don't know if any number of variables could have changed the success of yesterday Radiothon...but I know I could not be more proud of each of your efforts to pull off what we did.

I don't know know if this group will get a chance to do this again, to change a life....but I know I hope we can.

I don't know if the crazy world we live in, that we see, hear and read about daily will ever settle down...but I know I came home to a loving Family, a warm bed, and a safe place many will not tonight.

I know we did some good for some needy folks, I know we made a difference, I know I'm lucky to be surrounded by people with good hearts that worked very hard, without complaining, and came together with a common goal in mind.

I know that any sacrifice anyone of us made was well worth it when my little girl tucked ME in to bed and read me a story and asked why Daddy had to work so late - and I said that I was helping the homeless, and she said "well,. that's good" 

I know at times as we put this together I felt like the "Our Gang" kids from old TV "puttin' on a show" in the backyard, and I know that all of us together are stronger than any us of individually and we built a team.

From Leslie at Raleigh Rescue Mission.....

Just to give you an idea of what you all helped accomplish today…we raised enough money  to provide 871 meals, or to look at it  another way, we raised enough to provide 69 days of life changing care to an individual.

I know I'm a better person for it, and I know I couldn't have done any of it with you.....Thanks.

Humbly Yours~


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