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Monday, December 12, 2011

Babies, Cats & Dogs...

Have you ever noticed how many businesses sell their products using cute pictures of babies, cats or dogs? While little scientific research has been done to determine exactly how and to what degree these images influence our purchasing behavior, these images do catch the attention of most viewers – a good thing when you have only seconds to grab the prospective buyer’s attention.

Some other ways to grab attention:
  • Whether you’re writing a book, article, e-mail or social media post, a catchy headline will encourage readers to stop and look at what you have written. Note that the headline must be related to what you have written; if it’s totally off-topic, the viewer may open the e-mail this time but may discount future e-mails from you or unsubscribe. 
  • Your business (or individual) personality should shine through whatever you do. 
  • Make your posts timely. Value is lost if the discussion becomes “so yesterday.” 
  • Keep your content brief. Everyone is busy and if your content is too long, it’s ignored. 
  • Use interesting photos. If you are posting on Facebook, don’t just post a single photo. Add at least three to an album and comment on the photos for more follower interest. 
  • Include statistics or numbers (“…90% of people surveyed say our hot sauce is the best they’ve ever had!”). 
  • Use humor, if it’s appropriate for your product or service. Don’t try this if your business provides funeral services! 
  •  Another option is video. Provide short, educational or informative pieces viewers will be likely to share with friends and associates. 
  • Use client testimonials. Real people talking about the benefits they received can be persuasive. 
  • Music can also catch attention. Match the music to your product or service. 
  •  Try something different. Have you ever looked up at the TV when the chatter stops to see a commercial with only moving pictures or text across the screen?
Finding new ways to catch the attention of prospects is an ongoing challenge and you may need to test various approaches to find out which is the most successful for your business. You’ll also want to monitor the results over time and adjust your approach as your audience changes or grows. Want to learn more? Send us an email at

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