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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Corporate Gifts from NC

The NC BBQ Company is one of our newest clients. We like their product so much we're giving it as our corporate gift this year! Rick and Ryan were just had another appearance on FOX news. Check out the story.

Here is more shameless promotion of one of our clients and the amazing art our Creative Director, Mike Steele did for them.....

The North Carolina Barbecue Company ( is promoting its line of traditional mail order barbecue to NC-based companies looking for a way to showcase the state to their clients and prospects. The company, based in Greensboro, sells traditional Eastern and Piedmont-style barbecue, along with a “Battle Box™” that offers both products.

“Whether you were born in North Carolina or just recently moved here, NC “cue” is a tradition,” says Ryan Pitz, co-founder of The North Carolina Barbecue Company. “North Carolina is a great place to do business, and we want to offer an easy and unique gift option for businesses that are based in the state as a way they can promote their business. A traditional NC BBQ package offers a taste of North Carolina that clients won’t soon forget.” Adds co-founder Rick Scott, “the Battle Box is a favorite of our corporate clients. What client wouldn’t want to get a package of NC BBQ from Santa? Because it contains both Eastern and Piedmont styles of BBQ, many companies promote dialog with clients by asking them to be the judge of which style is best.”

The North Carolina Barbecue Company was founded in 2010 by Rick Scott and Ryan Pitz after hearing from some former North Carolinians that they were unable to find good barbecue in their new locales. Three primary packages are offered: Eastern, Piedmont, and the company’s trademark Battle Box. The business delivers “the authentic barbecue experience anywhere in the United States.”

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