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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CRM&M Series, Part 3: Using New Technology

In part 1 of our CRM series, we talked about approaches to relationship building. Part 2 provided tips for making your CRM & Marketing efforts more effective. In part 3 of the series, we follow with ways to incorporate some new technologies into the mix and further engage customers.

Seems like every time you turn around there is some new technology that changes how we market to or communicate with our customers. There is always that first big push of excitement and then reality sets in as we marketers try to figure out how to make the new doo-dad work for us! It is important to remember that while the shiny new penny may be fun to play with, it isn’t always the best tool to reach every customer out there.

CRM & Marketing Article Series - Part 3 provides tips on how you can integrate newer technologies into your marketing mix.

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